About Us

In Pakistan, there are various ways & platforms where restaurant & famous chefs earn good money by selling food. However, iamChef focuses on those women who are not allowed and are not skilled but want to earn money as well as those people who enjoy cooking food.

Women who cook food for their family twice a day. She decides what to cook for today ’s, menu. Whatever the meal she decide for lunch and dinner, if they get an order from people who are in the office or who are out of hometown, and want to eat hygienic and homemade food, they will visit our platform where they have the option to select today's homemade meal at an economical price. They order and we will deliver.

This project has a very wide audience (chefs & consumer). In fact, this project targets every house and every woman in Pakistan. Cook your meal exactly according to your taste. Our women will not get any kind of instruction from any customer. Cook freely and be your own boss. Let people enjoy your taste.

To empower every woman of Pakistan to run their own business only by fulfilling home responsibilities. Imagine if you could order delicious homemade food for lunch and have it delivered at your work or home every day, while at the same time contribute to empowering a female home based worker. This vision may soon be a reality in Pakistan.

Cooking and selling stuff that your family and friends compliment you for, can be a great business idea. Cook from home and sell it to people at their door step. This can become fairly easy if you are passionate about cooking or baking. You can use iamChef marketing strategies to create a buzz about your business and then start off.

Vision Statement

Empower everyone who seeks to establish a cooking business in their own vicinity, without any contact with the outside world.

Mission Statement

To provide healthy & hygienic home cooked food and economically accessible to everyone.


Once you order food, iamChef would deliver it to your place in good packing, while making sure the food comes in proper presentation.